Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Weekend!

Despite a week of rejection, somehow this weekend turned out really well. Yom Kippur went very well and I found out that going to the early service helps with the parking and seating headaches. Plus, it's so early your stomach hasn't really caught onto the whole fasting thing. Saturday was also Rasputin's 4 month birthday so I spent a lot of time home playing with him. When the hunger pangs got bad, I sacked out on the sofa and watched a bunch of TiVoed movies. I wasn't too impressed with Scarface. Kinky Boots and Stranger Than Fiction both were excellent. When I lie on the sofa, Rasputin has a habit of lying with me by curling up behind my knees and using my feet as pillows. The whole fasting repentance time made me realize that I should wait to test for my green belt. I only have gone to 15 classes since July and I need 21. I was pushing to test this week because I didn't want to be behind . Basically, I was too proud to actually deal with the consequences that I was a lazy ass this summer. I really should wait for the makeup test, Oct. 10, and I should be "behind" for two weeks.

Sunday, I got Rasputin some birthday presents, restocked my liquor supply and did a lot of cleaning. Since I was home a lot this weekend, in a contemplative mood, I noticed that Rasputin hasn't been acting like himself. He sleeps a lot, has noisy breathing, is distracted by scratching his ear a lot, and has balance issues. Not just cute kitty tumble off the sofa while cleaning himself. But not noticing the edge of the table while walking on it issues. So I got him a vet appointment this week. He has been eating well and litter box usage is regular. When he's awake, he is a bundle of energy. He also doesn't wake up quickly, lots of bleary blinking and stretching. I hope he's okay!

This week is Fall TV premiere week so I'm pretty psyched. Tonight, I'm catching Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman. Tuesday night, I'm checking out Bones. Wednesday is Bionic Woman. Thursday is The Office and Scrubs. Grey's Anatomy lost me last season.

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