Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Welcome back everyone to a nice short work week! Ladies, I hope you packed up your white shoes. The weather was so gorgeous and I saw some leaves that had turned.

My weekend started off weirdly. I hit Gordon's for my weekend alcohol bounty after work Friday. When I got to my car, the parking spots are tight anyways and my car was close to the next one on the driver's side. So, my door tapped the next car as I loaded my purchases into the car. I heard a really loud honk but I couldn't figure out from where. As I got into my car and turned it on, a woman from the neighboring car got out and said, "Excuse me, you just hit my car really hard with your door." I watched her incredulously as she inspected her car for paint and took down my license plate number. She had one of those borg bluetooth things in her ear so obviously, her hearing wasn't 100%. I muttered, "Bitch." as I drove away. God, get a hobby or learn how to park between white lines! There was no paint because I TAPPED her car. I got home, played with Ras, drank, and watched "Zodiac". I don't think Robert Downey Jr. can make a bad movie nowadays.

Since it was the weekend, I decided to allow Rasputin to co-sleep. So, I was up at 6AM Saturday morning. I got a lot of shopping done for a baby shower gift and fall clothes. I love how sizes vary from store to store. In one store, I feel like a whale and in the other I'm a waif. I had a good store clerk and bad store clerk experience in the same store. I was buying a black suit jacket and this one clerk tried to talk me into buying the plum. I looked at her and told her, "I want the black." so she sighed and shook her head. She also bugged me about all the clothes that didn't fit me in my first changing room visit. Really made me feel special. At least the checkout clerk was pretty cool. I'm just getting comfortable with being chatty with strangers. So, each attempt is touch and go. My mom is an expert with retail chitchat. I just feel awkward and can't think of what to say.

Saturday BBC America also had a Dr. Who marathon so I finally caught up on the new series. It is pretty good! There are still cheesy aspects. Rasputin gets hypnotized by the theme song. I adore Christopher Eccleston (Shallow Grave and Jude sealed the deal for me).

Sunday was the baby shower down in CT. It was a lot of fun and I learned a bunch of baby shower games (melted candy in a diaper - ew). Learned yet sadly didn't win. Since I'm not a mom yet, some of the other mothers' conversations horrified me. The gifts were pretty awesome. I'm not a big fan of pink/blue gender division for babies. So, I'll probably pick green or yellow and have that be the baby color across the board. Hello, multiple uses for onesies and blankets!

Monday morning, Rasputin chomped on my nose to wake me up. Like a full on vice on my nostrils. That got him kicked out of my bedroom for a while! I've been feeding him Iams regularly with a couple different brands here and there to see if he likes them. This weekend, I discovered that he loves Friskies. It's the juices and fresh cuts that he devours. He's so funny when he waits for food. He does a dance that looks like Axl Rose. Rasputin also likes coconut and red peppers. I try to protect whatever I'm eating by saying, "No, human food." and guarding my plate but once I'm done, he can clean up. He also likes to bring toys into other rooms. As I was cleaning, I discovered he has built a fortress of chewed toys in one of his favorite spots, under an endtable in the livingroom. He's also emjoying the crinkly bag from Babies R'Us.

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