Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lunch Bliss

There is a cafe in my office park. Sometimes they are fabulous and other times they are disgusting. It's completely hit or miss without any pattern. Sometimes a miss can make your stomach sorry for days.

Today, I had hands down the best lunch ever. Not best lunch for the cafe. The best lunch of my entire life. I had a chicken apple walnut salad with a side of honey glazed potatoes. Total calories: 550. You know that you're eating something good when it makes you hungrier. After I finished lunch, a nice feeling of happiness washed over me. Mmmm...

Meanwhile, I'm still struggling with getting my fiber intake up to recommended levels. I've heard about gnu bars and hopefully I'll be able to incorpprate them into my breakfast routine (since my routine now is skipping breakfast or stopping at Dunks).

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