Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cat Toy Review

After spending a nice chunk of change on cat toys, I thought a handy guide would be helpful to fellow cat owners.

Play-N-Squeak - one of the best toys out there. There are two other versions, bumble bee and ladybug. Rasputin loves these and carries them everywhere in the apt.

Fishy Fun - Rasputin uses these as pillows and sometimes chomps on them. Not worth the price but definitely worth the cuteness.

Feather balls - Rasputin has played with these once. The rattling doesn't intrigue him and the feathers go up his nose. Big thumbs down.

Laser - Rasputin loves playing with the laser. Unfortunately these things aren't that durable. Mine broke within 2 weeks.

Catnip mice - These are a great toy for any cat. I like the ones with leather tails. Rasputin adores these. I've found mice in my shoes, in the crevice between sofa cushions, and under every piece of furniture. They definitely get a workout! Plus, if your cat plays fetch, they're easy and fun to carry around. I've had a couple dropped at my feet.

Tunnel - this isn't regularly used but is a great prop for cat play. throwing a catnip mouse or jingle ball in the tunnel can set up hours of fun. I also like tipping it over when Rasputin is inside.

Fishing Rod - A++, amazing, lots of fun for cat and owner. This is how I tire Rasputin out at night. On the up side, the owner doesn't have to be home for the cat to enjoy this contraption. I set it up dangling off my coffee table with an atlas holding the rod down and Ras has tons of fun.

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