Friday, September 07, 2007

Fairy Land, Populated by Insurance Agents

Remember July 13 aka the day that a woman changed lanes into me? I am STILL dealing with the fallout from the accident. It doesn't help that I wound up picking a corrupt auto body shop that took 3 times longer than my assessment said to repair my car. Yes, a job that should have taken 5 days, took 19.

It wasn't fun driving the rental around as the price tag kept going up. But what the hell? The other insurance will pay for it since it was the other driver's fault. Right? WRONG!

I just had a run-in with the single most inept insurance agent who declared, "It's not my job to call your insurance company." Well, how do insurance claims get resolved? Oh yes, asking a fairy godmother. On top of that inane statement, I am getting reimbursed for the time it should have taken to repair my car. I wish I could live in this mythical universe that this agency lives in.

Why is it my fault that the body shop took so damn long? Believe me, I called every day they went over the 5 days and I even asked if my car can be taken to another body shop. It couldn't. They even swindled more money out of my own insurance agency. Basically, I should not be paying a dime when the other driver is 100% at fault. Argh!

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