Monday, September 10, 2007

Embarrassment of Riches: The Job Hunt

After a summer of virtually no interest in my job applications, I have been inundated lately. I had a follow-up interview to my Aug 30 company interview. This morning, I had a phone screen with a second company. The lady liked me so much, I have a 2 hour second interview scheduled this Friday! Tomorrow, I have an early interview and Wednesday afternoon I'm meeting with a staffing agency rep. Basically, I have an interview every day except Thursday, Rosh Hoshanah.

I really hope I get an offer from the first company. It looks like a challenging fun opportunity that requires many skills. The second company is pure data and analysis so it's less fun. I've made up a compare/contrast table for each company so I can pick easily if I receive multiple offers. Hopefully, all this activity means a new job in October!

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Holly said...

congratulations- this is well deserved. it sounds like people/ hirers out there appreciate that you have alot more to offer than your current company and role seem to indicate. when it rains it pours interview wise. and i hpoe that you don't feel bad about waiting so long for a bite- i know where i live its impossible to get a new job over summer- no one wants to think about things like that when they could be thinking about the beach and holidays