Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Days of Awesomeness

Last night, my community chorus had the first rehearsal of the season. It was fun seeing everyone after a summer break. It was also fun getting compliments on my red hair. The music for the fall is a nice mix of hard, Rutter's Magnificat, and easy, show tunes. I also got a really nice compliment from a new member who was sitting next to me. She told me that she's going to stick to me like glue because I'm awesome (musically). I joked back about having onions before rehearsal. Another really cool thing happened as rehearsal was getting out. A lady remembered me from one temple class I took a year ago. I don't think I'm that memorable but I guess I am! When I got home, Rasputin tried to ruin the great night by having diarrhea dripping down his legs. I think he ate too much too fast for his kitty tummy because after I cleaned him off, he had no diarrhea issues afterwards.

Today, I had a great job interview which has given me a third job to get excited about. Also today, I found out that I am getting a full reimbursement for my rental car due to the July 13 accident! Folks, it's definitely worth it to talk to the supervisor if you aren't getting any service from a rep/worker.

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