Monday, October 15, 2007

Failing Time = Quitting Time?

I got my green belt testing results this weekend and I did fail. The feedback I received reflected what I had expected. So, I am the only orange belt with the rest of my "class" progressing onto green belt. Even though I expected it, I felt a bit upset by the news. Upset lead to an overall "fuck this" feeling. I don't like being an out and out quitter so I'm going for a doctor's check-up to look at my still screwed up ankle and frozen shoulder. Hopefully, I'll get a medical excuse to quit.

Overall, I really liked this past year of classes but I have had the nagging feeling that only one of the instructors is actually trained/certified to teach any kind of aerobics/physically demanding class. I have so many outstanding medical issues, it's amazing that I haven't hurt myself before! They have this drill that I think screwed up my shoulder. What you do is get in push-up position, go down and as you're coming up you do it with such a jolt that you pop up. Popping up isn't too bad but catching yourself HURTS!

On the economic side, TKD classes cost 3 times what I paid for regular gym membership. Since I'm going to be laid off, dropping out of classes would save me some economic distress. Plus, my student loan payments start in Dec. Lots of gyms offer reduced membership fees in January so if I do get a new job, I could swing that. If I miss the whole kicking thing, I can always take a self defense course.

I am the Queen of Rationalization.

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