Friday, October 12, 2007

A Real Girl After All

I got into girly things belatedly. My first manicure was for my prom and my first pedicure was when I was 25. Regular facials started when I was 24 thanks to a gift certificate. Regular massages followed. A 60 minute Swedish massage is pure heaven!

A couple weekends ago, I finally purchased makeup from one of those department store counters. I chose Origins because it is affiliated with Dr. Weil. The makeup I picked up is fabulous and worth every dime. One of my mantras lately is "When I get a new job, I'll get a manicure, pedicure, and massage." Lord knows after almost a year of Tae Kwon Do, my toes need some loving!

Today, it just hit me that I'm a real girl after all because I'm wearing 3 inch heels, my makeup counter makeup and perfume. I was even able to work powder eyeliner in the pre-dawn hours and a pounding headache (too many beers last night).

1 comment:

Lane said...

Holler!!! I know what you mean!!
Only, you were always a real girl, more than most, because you did things in your own time. Go you!
Don't forget to include your ever-broadening appreciation for wine!! :)