Friday, October 26, 2007

Horror Movie -A -Thon

This month, in honor of Halloween, I have been TiVoing every horror movie I can find. My goal is to work myself up to Saw on Halloween. The thing is, I hadn't realized that horror movies are kind of like porn. The more cheesetastic, the better. Plus, acting? What acting? Here is what I have managed to check out:

When a Stranger Calls - the remake. I did get a little freaked out when I received a hang up call in the middle of the movie. The cheese factor was pretty low.
The Fog - so terrible. Not at all scary. Bad special effects, bad acting, and the storyline made no sense.
Child's Play - one of my favorites. Definite jump out of your seat moments, funny dialogue, and oozing cheese.
Phantoms - I couldn't finish watching this. It was a bit scary but the acting was so painful I got embarassed for Peter O'Toole.
Venom - definitely scary but the acting makes my eyes bleed.
28 Days Later - a rewatch and still holds up well. Some edits make no sense but good gore and creepiness.
Pulse - even Veronica Mars can't make this a good movie. A wannabe The Ring w/ computers.
The Wicker Man - remake. So awful, sexist, and ridiculous. I have no idea why this is considered horror.
2001 Maniacs - I tried but I couldn't make it over 30 minutes into this garbage.

I have a bunch waiting for me such as:
The Skeleton Key
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Children of the Corn

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