Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogtoberfest 2007

Last night was a blast! Unfortunately, I didn't stick around for long due to blinding pain in my bad foot.

You know how I predicted slack jawed yokels tying up Charlie machines? Well, I was the one with Charlie issues going into Boston. For some reason the machine couldn't read my credit card and it cancels the order after 2 swipes. I wound up using cash and have tons of dollar coins in my wallet now. Woohoo!

As I exited Hynes ICA and turned onto Bolyston, I had to weave my way through dozens of people with their camera phones out taking pictures of something above. It was the GO SOX sign on the Pru.

Once I got to the Pour House, I met tons of people and had several STRONG cocktails. Of course Sarah, Jenny and Caity were the first gals I saw. I met the fabulous Ulli, Andrew, Jason, and Jeff. That's all the people my strong cocktailed brain remembers. Since I had forgotten that I have plantar fascitis and was wearing kitten heels, slowly yet surely screaming pain started emanating from my right foot.

Thankfully, I found Diana whose dogs were also hurting so we had a nice seated chit chat and blew out of the Pour House.

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