Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cat Advice Needed

Rasputin has been doing really well lately. I think he has beat his cold. The whole spray bottle discipline technique is working really well on him and he does jump down when I tell him to (and gets treats as reward). We have a really nice loving routine.

One personality quirk I have been struggling with hasn't been going too well. I've read books and scoured the internet for tips but haven't had any success. Every morning around 4/5AM, Rasputin decides all my appendages are evil and attacks me fairly visciously. Yesterday morning he launched himself at my shoulder and chomped on it. Yelling no doesn't work. Chucking him out of bed doesn't work. Hissing or making high pitched screaming/whimpering noises doesn't deter him. I'm getting sick of the scars on my arms and hands so any new ideas would be appreciated.

It's weird, I don't use my hand as a play toy with him. He usually sees my hands and arms as something good and uses them as pillows. If he does nip at my hand, he follows with a lick. It's like some crazy force clicks over in the dawn hours.

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