Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Can Do Stuff!

My second PT session today went really well. I'm pooped and sore. The coolest part of the session was an exercise where I closed my eyes and the therapist posed my left arm and then let it down. My job was to mimic the positioning of my arm with my eyes closed. I thought I would stink at this because the last time I had to do a similar task was in outpatient rehab and I failed miserably. I didn't really connect the memory with any logic, the memory was connected to failure.

The logic behind my failure years ago was my muscles were still weak from paralysis and my left side was still numb so it didn't really feel like I was moving anything. Today, I kicked ass at the blind mimicking! It's nice to mentally erase an item off my list of "Thing I Suck at Thanks to My Stroke". That list is getting pretty darn short and time goes by. Thank God!!!

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