Thursday, October 25, 2007

Plans Tonight

Yes, tonight at the Pour House you can meet me, AnnaB, author of Chokmah (I know, hold your breath) If there's ever a need to speak to a manager or supervisor tonight, I'm your gal! Just buy me drink.

Unfortunately for this green line chick, there's a Sox game tonight so I have to plan things carefully if I want to avoid the drunks on the T. Since there's a game, I can count on yokels standing slack jawed in front of Charlie machines. Since I hate being a dope publicly, I plan any trip into Boston down to agonizing detail. Since I have never been to the Pour House, I had to figure out what it's near. Since I get off at the Hynes ICA stop pretty often, I was all set triangulating the location between the Pru and Vox Populi.

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