Monday, October 22, 2007


Today I had my appointment with the orthopedist. First, they needed to take X-rays. That turned into an ordeal because whenever you have a painful injury, they have to take a shot right in the most painful pose ever. I didn't cry but practiced deep breathing. The upshot is that the doctor doesn't think my shoulder problem is my shoulder. He thinks it's a pinched nerve in my neck so he's sending me to PT for 6 weeks and if that doesn't work, I have to meet with a spine guy.

As I was driving home, my entire left arm fell asleep so the neck theory is making sense. The second I got into the office, I made a beeline to the ibuprofen in the first aid kit. My Lord, I am in such pain now. I've mentally made up a song. David Bowie's song, "Fame" is now "Pain" with the chorus repeated over and over. My left hand is still not entirely awake - ugh!

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