Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meme Assignment

Since this morning is dead with most of the dept is in meetings, thanks to Sarah I have found something to do:

Five Things I Am Good At

1) Baking desserts - one of the plusses of having a sweet tooth is that you are able to create sweets really well. Ask me about my peanut butter chocolate pie sometime.
2) Languages - it's very easy for me to learn a new language. I'm better at aural and speaking skills than writing. French, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Hebrew are all languages I have learned.
3) Directions - I can't get lost. Even crazy-ass Boston streets make sense.For fun in high school, I used to drive around trying to get lost.
4) Planning - I enjoy planning parties, meals, and trips. Since I'm good at it, I don't overpack, serve a cold meal, or have bored guests.
5) Music - I can sight read and play several instruments. Since I can sight read, it makes memorizing pieces easier.

Five Things I am Bad At

1) Minding my own business. I like to know things too much.
2) Follow Through. I get bored too easily. A project that seemed so exciting winds up undone because it's repetitive and boring.
3) Seeing the glass half full. I'm not an optimistic person so my glass is half empty with poison.
4) Discipline. I am lazy by nature and sometimes that voice talking me out of working out is SO STRONG. I also stink at discipline for my cat. I don't care that he walks on tables.
5) Cheering people up. I'm too empathetic. When I try to cheer someone up, I wind up crying with them

Tip for Not Getting Lost
The way I never get lost is that almost all streets make up a box. So, if I think I missed the street I needed to turn onto, I use the box to help me turn around. 3 rights or 3 lefts get me back to the main street so I can turn back. This is handy as well for finding a parking space - rather than driving for eons down the street, try to park on a street parallel or perpendicular.

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