Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Answers

This is why I love physical therapy. You aren't treated like an idiot. You are treated like a partner in your own care so asking questions is okay. Also, being in PT makes you feel like a weak invalid but a lot of exercises they put you through, you can do so that helps your mental state!

I had a PT assessment this afternoon. My shoulder problem is a combo of neck and shoulder issues. The neck stuff can be fixed with exercises and fixing my posture. The shoulder stuff will be interesting and it all stems from my stroke. So, the week I was paralyzed and the months with no feeling let my rotator cuff muscles slack off to the point that my actual shoulder bone is not sitting in the socket, it's below the socket. Which is why I have limited motion. Another interesting factoid is my rotator cuff muscles are firing but not in the right sequence and with a delay. I hadn't noticed but I do still have to mentally tell my shoulder to do stuff plus I still don't have complete feeling on my left side hence the delay.

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