Friday, November 02, 2007

Doctor Love

Just when my geek cred seemed to be waning, I started watching the new Doctor Who series on BBC. It took a little while but I am a serious fan of the show! So, of course, I checked out Torchwood. That show is a bit hit or miss. I think it took me a while to get into Doctor Who because of the character Rose. She was supposed to be the audience's POV character but since she was so stupid and aggravating, it was hard to get into the series' vibe. Plus the whole cockney accent was difficult to understand. I'm not a big fan of the Daleks as enemies. I just wince when they show up with threatening music. They are evil tin cans! Everything Christopher Eccleston does is perfection for me so if he's in a scene with Rose and evil tin cans, I can be mesmerized.

It was tough to get into Doctor Who's tenth regeneration. He was shouty and scrawny. His outfit and completely geeking out enthusiasm won me over. Plus, David Tennant is pretty easy on the eyes! Thank God Rose wound up leaving and damn it that episode made me cry. Martha was an awesome replacement Companion. Season 3 has some of the best episodes ever. I watched Blink (the evil weeping angel one) on Halloween and it scared the crap out of me. Wow, The Master was an amazing villain and had kind of a sexy vibe with the Doctor!

Now I'm anxiously awaiting the US showing of season 4. Who will be the new companion?

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