Thursday, November 01, 2007

Keep On Keeping On

50 job applications and one interview under my belt this week so far. I feel a lot more hopeful and upbeat today than yesterday. Yesterday was my emotional, weepy day. Tuesday was my pissed off denial lock down day. What has changed? Again, it's like a terminal condition. You have good days and bad. Plus, I ended last night reading an Emergenetics book that totally blew my mind. I was laughing from what I recognized in myself and feeling pretty darn encouraged by the strengths and weaknesses my profile has.

The interview today went fine but I had the unsettling feeling that the company is similar to the whole AFLAC bs business where they don't tell you up front that BTW you'll be making cold calls or making no money. On the upside is that they offer really quick training - which can give me the experience I need on my resume. Also, they have a lot of charity clients so that falls in my socially responsible company target.

Also today I started telling people about my lay-off. And boy, that was a good idea! Rather than stewing in my cubicle or blinking back tears, I get to be proactive and see that people are sorry that I'm leaving. I also had a really nice conversation with my HR manager where another career direction for me popped up: human resources training and development. It would utilize my teaching skills, creativity, and be in the business field! Perfecto.

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