Friday, November 30, 2007

Give A Little Bit

If you can help someone, do it. This is not just a statement for the holidays, it's a lifetime mission statement. I will illustrate with two examples:

1) No one in every day life has a huge ego. There is some self-doubt or worry plaguing them. Therefore, building up someone else's ego is not a bad thing. So, if you overheard a compliment or have one of your own, pass it along. How it is taken is not your fault. Appreciating other people is not a bad thing.

2) Don't with-hold knowledge. For example, I had been looking for a job for months when I found out my electrologist's daughter is looking for a job as well. So, I passed along any contacts or suggestions that I have amassed. The daughter got a job thanks to me and I got thank by my electrologist a million times over!

If you're focused on behavior solely to benefit yourself, I guarantee that helping others can benefit you ten-fold in the future. When you are one your deathbed, regrets suck! Take it from the lady who almost died 6 years ago.

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