Friday, November 09, 2007

I Got a Job!!

At 4:30PM today I found out that I was given a job offer based upon an interview I gave yesterday. I had a feeling that the interview went well since it lasted 2 hours! I have to say, my Emergenetics reading really helped me during the interview. I made sure to match the interviewers' expressiveness and assertiveness (which was minimal so I basically dialed myself down). While expressiveness was minimal social and easiness with jokes was plentiful so I got to let my expressiveness seep out that way. I also had new ways of calming my nerves. If a very analytical situation makes you nervous, the best way to calm yourself is to think of/do something creative. So, I did.

The job starts 8:30AM Wednesday and my current company is allowing me to cut short my final week plus I'm still getting my severance. This is a temp to perm position but as my staffing rep told me, once I'm in there the job is mine to lose. I'm hoping I'll be converted to perm in a couple weeks. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that the benefits are amazing?

I walked into the interview dressed to the nines so I was hoping the effort would be rewarded. I wore my new Macy's suit jacket which was my job hunt investment. I also decided that I didn't like how open my shirt color was so I accessorized with a scarf. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to tie that darn thing! Since I'm superstitious, I also put on a bracelet my Grandma gave me before she got really sick. I was completely overdressed for the company but interview-wise, it worked. I matched my first interviewer with my shirt color - which made me feel good. Plus, my second interviewer was a red head so I knew Grandma was working her heaven mojo for me.

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