Thursday, November 15, 2007

The New Job

Blogger is blocked from work so I'm going to write in the evenings from now on. My first day at the new job was yesterday. It was weird, I wasn't nervous at all. The morning was insane though. I sat for 4 hours with my boss with her explaining the company and our department. There was no clock in sight so I had no idea how long the sit-down was taking but I knew that my mouth was getting pretty dry and I was spacing out towards the end. Then came lunch.

The office building has a huge cafeteria that takes debit cards (deadly to know). I had a nice lunch with a co-worker then we took a stroll around the building because it was gorgeous.

After lunch, I was thrown into a conference call with my boss that went completely over my head and started panicking me. I had no idea how to absorb all the moving pieces in the project. Numbers, maps, and lingo were thrown around that I had no idea what to do with so I jotted down notes like a madwoman hoping eventually it would make sense. After the meeting, I was left alone to work in my cubicle. I didn't really work so much as go over my notes from the day. Panic was building a bit.

A very cool occurrence happened in the morning. As I was being walked over to HR by my boss, I noticed a nameplate outside of an office that looked familiar. It was the name of a former MBA classmate of mine! He greeted me and I felt like it was a good omen to see a friendly face on my first day. We had 3 classes together and worked in a group for our Stats course.

Today was much better. My boss is out of town for a week and I was left on my own to get trained by other co-workers. I asked good questions and have a glimmer of a grasp on my job. Plus, I have work to do tomorrow! Oh yeah, I actually have to adjust to a real dress code. My jeans and sneakers will be banished into non-work wear.

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