Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Update

I'm composing this post at work while it's snowing out and I'm sipping cocoa. Snow simply requires cocoa. Work has been pretty quiet with interspersed periods of training. When my boss returns tomorrow, the real work should hit hyper-drive just in time for the holiday break. Woohoo! Timing kinda sucks when I started this new job. I won't get a full week's paycheck until December. My plan for my lunch break today is to go to TJ Maxx and see if I can find a holiday outfit plus swing by Payless. The shoes that left my heel bloody a couple weeks ago haven't gotten any better. No matter how many layers of band aids I slap onto my heel, the shoe still cuts into my skin. I don't know why the shoes suddenly are painful now considering that I picked them up in September. I need some comfy professional loafers for work so I'll look appropriate (today I'm wearing my green and orange sneakers).

Last night my first Mary Kay inventory order arrived. I had ordered the lowest possible quantity - $600 worth. I had also cleaned out my closet and bought one of those cheap rolling plastic drawers. $600 buys a lot of stuff and my closet is basically overflowing!. I also got my personal color makeup compact which was so much fun to use this morning. I have to say, the lipstick is perfect. The eye colors look pretty good too! My mom is letting me throw my premiere Mary Kay party at her house Dec. 2. Hopefully, I can sell a lot there. I'm swimming in skincare products. If I don't sell products, at least I'll book some consultation appointments.

Also last night I had chorus rehearsal. I have figured out a way to deal with the Soprano diva. I don't maintain eye contact and if she's speaking in general to the group, I just space out. She's one of those people who announces a "witty" observation waiting for a response from the humble masses. Also, it's not my fault that she's a first soprano and is sitting next to and in front of second sopranos. Wince all rehearsal long and send me dirty looks over your shoulder, I will be singing the second sooprano part. Deal with it. To balance out her yuckiness, I got a really nice compliment from another chorus member. She told me that she doesn't know how I can find the second soprano notes and hold them so clearly. Aww!

I think Rasputin is sick. He isn't eating as much as usual. He's a lot more meowy and aggressive. He actually bit a guest last week! Plus, he seems to be less nimble lately. I've caught him falling off the sofa and completely missing a jump. I know he's congested and has a runny nose. It seems like he has had this cold for 3 months with flair ups every couple of weeks. It's vet appointment time and hopefully they can figure out what's wrong!

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