Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Concert Come and Gone

Last night we performed our winter concert and it went really well. The audience was pretty tiny (which I didn't help due to dissuading potential attendees). I wound up being in the first row center which was good yet bad. The good is that I got to show off that I have memorized all the music in front of everyone. The bad is that I had to fake enthusiasm and refrain from rolling my eyes or wincing at wrong notes. The other bad is that being in front feels like you're singing into a vacuum.

Soprano Diva was in top form for rehearsals leading up to the concert. After rehearsing a section or piece she'd holler out, "Did that sound okay?" or declare loudly, "That sounded awful, let's do it again." Sometimes the conductor agreed and other times the response was "We need to move on." Which made me internally cackle. Also, the conductor had to wave to the Diva to back off on her singing volume many times. Her voice is horrible. All nasal and dipthongy - she just slides to her notes. Since it was just during rehearsals, I didn't have to refrain from any eye rolling or put out sighing. The best comeuppance occurred at the pre-concert run-through. After a piece another Soprano turned to Diva and told her that she was singing the alto part in certain sections. There was some kind of discussion and the conductor stopped what she was doing and asked what's up so the entire chorus was informed that Soprano Diva was a shitty singer who can't tell the difference between soprano and alto parts. I enjoy the humiliation of phonies.

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