Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seven Hours in a Cab

I left work via taxi at 1:30PM and got home a bit after 8:30PM. My route? One end of Waltham to the other. The entire fare was worth $14. Thank God, my cab charged per mile rather than per hour!

The major problem was getting over 128 on Winter St. The Waltham PD closed down the bridge for an hour so they could plow. I also think I saw a jackknifed truck on the on ramp. There were abandoned cars in the road as well. Some poor souls had to trudge along the road to get gas for their cars. Other assholes decided to drive down the wrong side of the road and merge in the front of the line of cars that still weren't going anywhere because the bridge was closed. There were also awesome people who helped stuck cars.

My cab driver was a complete saint. He moaned yes but he had a sense of humor too! We wound up sharing life stories and discussing the idiocy of the Maginot Line in WWII. Hey, we had hours to chat!

The last half hour of my cab ride was from the 128 bridge home. So it took 6 hours to go 1 mile. Someone royally screwed up in the Waltham DPW. None of the streets are plowed except that one bit of bridge over 128. The morning will be a complete mess unless they get on their game and actually plow and salt. I'm not holding my breath though. I'm so happy that my tax money is being used so well!

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