Friday, December 28, 2007

Let's Talk About Breasts Baby

The other night BBC America had two documentaries focusing on breasts: "My Small Breasts and I" and "My Big Breasts and Me". The small breasted ladies went through so much mental effort and research to either make their chests larger or accept what God gave them. The big breasted ladies were up to K cup! It's a little fascinating that American sizing for bras has crossed the Atlantic. The topic fascinated me because my breasts are just there. The size is fine and I need to focus on other areas where size is an issue.

Since I hit puberty early, 10, I've had breasts for a while. I also joke that since I hit puberty early, I stopped growing early. I was 5'1" in fifth grade and now I'm 5'5" and am pretty small breasted. My family is full of D cup or more ladies so I dodged that genetic bullet. There are also big busted over 5'9" ladies in my family aka "the Amazons". I've seen it all regarding breasts. The back problems, the clothing issues, and the amazing difference reduction surgery creates. So far, I've found only one clothing line that makes suits for women with breasts, Tahari. I haven't looked at my breasts and thought, "God my life would be so much better if these were bigger." I've seen the bigger side of the grass and it ain't greener! When I was younger, I did have fun using my breasts to get attention. I had a go to shirt and bra for that power manipulation. There is a flip side to attracting that kind of attention, especially if you're like me and have "headlight" issues. There is no rhyme or reason and it's annoying. Using band aids doesn't help either. Another fascinating point I learned from the BBC documentaries is that about 80% of breast is fat. Only 20% is actual tissue. That explains why the first place I lose inches when I diet/exercise is in my bust area.

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