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Since I spent five days sacked out on my sofa due to pneumonia, I got to watch a lot of TV. Here are some of my opinions/reactions:

TLC's Kids by the Dozen marathon:
absolute tv crack. The Jeub family was seriously screwed up plus I got a pedo/molester vibe from the father. The Winters were pretty cool but I think the mom is manic depressive. The dad drove me nuts with his lack of spine and focus. I liked the Gonyas because they're local and aren't creepy religious. The Sentmans are creepy religious (not believing in birth control? It's not Santa Claus dipshits) but they have many fine looking boys. Marrying into a large family could be cool. There is something weirdly off with the Cason family. How can an 18 year old kid be so clueless about college? Why didn't the parents talk to her about college before she moved out? I absolutely love the Heppner family with their flat Minnesota accents. Plus, the family seems pretty balanced and loving.

sucked really badly. Nicholas Cage was painful. Peter Fonda as the devil didn't work at all.

The Good Shepherd: pretty interesting but I got the timeline confused with so many flashbacks.

I really liked it even though some of the humor made me cringe. Listening to the commentary track made me hate Jonah Hill. He sounds like a pompous asshole. I have a celebrity crush on Bill Hader.

TLC's Bringing Home Baby:
BABIES SO CUT!E!!. I liked seeing the struggles and sleep deprivation. I always thought mothers were magically hardwired on all things baby. Nope! The hands-on dads were awesome too. This show sent my ovaries into a tizzy.

Bender's Big Score:
I loved seeing a new Futurama installment. I also loved that they got Al Gore to do voiceover work again. The time travel storyline didn't make a lot of sense to me. I blame Zoidberg. In true Futurama style, sneakily my heart strings were tugged.

Clark and Michael: hilarious online mockumentary. If you liked the type of humor on Arrested Development, you'd like this. Plus, a lot of former cast members cameo! Don't watch on an empty stomach since there's a lot of eating featured.

For Your Consideration:
Christopher Guest can do no wrong. Hands down the best skewering of Hollywood I've seen. Very funny and quotable. "You can't throw the baby out with the bathwater because then all you have is a wet, critically injured baby."


Christi_Momof14 said…
I am the Mom of the Cason family. We have talked with the kids a ton about college, but this is what our producers of the show asked for, they wanted it to be about her and college. Our conversation with Jessica was set up. We have been talking about college, geez since she was in grade school, anyhoo, saw this and wanted to post.

Christi Cason
P.S. We are sill an off bunch, lol. :)

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