Tuesday, December 25, 2007

White Porcelain Christmas

After 2 days of being housebound to allow my antibiotics to kick pneumonia's ass, I finally got out of my apt Xmas Eve to attend our small family celebration. It was pretty low-key and my mom's dinner was delicious (as always). Then, we opened presents. It's our tradition to open presents on Xmas Eve. I wasn't expecting a lot of gifts since my birthday was last month and I'm Jewish now. One gift hilariously belongs in the gift hall of fame. I was given a flat oblong gift that was fairly heavy. Before we open our presents, we joke about what they feel like or could be. So, I joked that mine felt like a toilet seat.

It was. I couldn't stop laughing when I opened it. Of course, I had to joke "Is this because I'm Jewish?" My family had noticed that I needed a new toilet seat for my apartment. Practical gifts kick ass. So, I spent Christmas Day installing a new toilet seat. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! My pneumonia's ass is thoroughly kicked.

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