Friday, December 21, 2007

Take My Breath Away

Today has been a trying day. I feel a lot better thanks to my medicine and getting lots of rest. So, I had unrealistic expectations for my stamina. I knew I needed to swing by work today because I had a conference call scheduled dealing with year end financial reporting. If I didn't catch the people before Xmas, my reports would be delayed.

I tried leaving for work around 11AM. Tried and failed because my car car was parked on a block of ice. No amount of shoveling or kitty litter helped. After a half hour of trying to move on my own, I was bumper to bumper with a neighbor's car. A neighbor who never answered my knocking on his door. Luckily, there were several utilities guys doing work on my street. I enlisted one for help and he came up with the idea of getting two more to push me off of the ice block. It took two tries but I made it. See? For every asshole you encounter, there are 3 nice people. That's a ratio I can live with.

All the exertion of shoveling and being out in the cold wrecked my lungs, I drove to work hacking away, and then going into work didn't help. The air in our building is horribly dry and I have a sneaking suspicion that I got pneumonia from my cubicle neighbor who has been moistly coughing for a month (in between personal phone calls). The co-worker who scheduled the conference call, wasn't at his desk - so the only reason why I had dragged myself out of bed was moot. That's one asshole, I'm waiting for 3 saints. Pissed, I called the other people who should have been in on the call. They were at their desks and I got the info I needed for year end reporting. I left after two hours. I felt like I was going to pass out from the awful air.

When I got home finally, my body basically told me that I had to stop. I haven't moved off of the couch all day. What is really annoying is the lightheadedness. This is my second time coming down with pneumonia. My first experience was senior year in college. I had crackling lungs for months and the medication I took made my mouth taste like nickels. This time around, I just have breathing pain and the medication is fine. I am also a lot more tired than the first bout. Send me healthy recovery vibes while I use the next four days to take it easy!

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