Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Open Letter to the Asshole Who Taped My Trash Barrel Lid Down

It's trash pick-up day tomorrow and there's over a foot of unshoveled snow in the back where we keep trash barrels. A couple weeks ago I bought myself a nice big new barrel with wheels and a tight lid because some small creatures have been getting into the building's trash. Ever since the new barrel, nothing has touched my trash.

I have pneumonia and my medication makes me sleepy and dizzy simultaneously. So, my one task today rather than resting and drinking water was to wheel my barrel out front for trash day. For five minutes I struggled, gasped, and almost passed out on my concrete stoop trying to get my barrel's lid off. As I was wrestling to get the top off, guess what I spied?


Some asshole had taped the lid down and then it had snowed on top. As I was standing there gasping "WTF's" I noticed trash from my neighbors strewn across the yard. So now, I get the logic of using tape by why on a barrel with a tight lid? It's the other people's trash that has been littering the back yard for months. My neighbors use trash barrels with no lids!

Now, I am going to have to sleep for the rest of the day to recover from this little adventure.

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