Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Malade Comme Chien

The cold I had mentioned earlier on this blog has gotten worse - much worse. Night chills, morning sweats, a low-grade fever, and constant pain in my ribcage. The pain gets worse if I sneeze, laugh, bend down, or breathe deeply. Lying down doesn't help either - it feels like someone is kneeling on my chest. Fed up with the pain and shallow breathing, I finally had a doctor's appointment today. It has gotten so bad, I got winded walking from my car to the office door. At work, I am left gasping just walking to the bathroom.
It's not the flu or bronchitis (my first two guesses). It could be pleurisy or pneumonia. I got to go to the hospital for a chest X-ray. I'll get the results tomorrow. I'm being prescribed a heavy duty antibiotic in the Cipro family, alleve for the pain and Mucinex DM for the congestion. I should also be getting a lot of rest and fluids but that isn't in the cards due to my current work situation.
Since I'm a temp and paid hourly, the only way I can make Jan rent (due to the upcoming holidays) is to work as much as possible. If and when I become perm, I would be able to stay home under the covers sipping tea and watching TV. It sucks being poor and sick!

Update: I just got a message from my doctor, I do have pneumonia with fluid around my right lung.

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