Friday, January 04, 2008

Car Inspection Woes

I finally got my car inspected today at the Shell station. 962 Main St in Waltham. Everything seemed to be going fine. I had a brake light out and the whole process took maybe 15 minutes. As I got into the car and put the paperwork in my glove compartment, I realized that the mechanic never gave me my registration back. So I asked him for it and he told me some other mechanic had it and left. He took down my phone number to call me when it turned up. By 3pm, I had recieved no call so I called the Shell station. The mechanic's new story was that I would get my registration Monday. I simply could not believe his idiocy. Legally, I cannot drive my car without registration and he was asking me to stay housebound for an entire weekend due to his screw up? Oh yeah, did I mention that he called me "Honey"? I demanded to be refunded $15 (the cost of getting a replacement registration). Now I have a printed out letter saying that I ordered a replacement which allows me to legally drive my car. The upshot is do not use the Shell station on 962 Main St in Waltham (it's the one located where 20 and 117 branch off). The garage is run by idiots who do not comprehend basic Massachusetts motor vehicle laws.

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