Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's 2008 So Pay Attention

Obviously, Rasputin is paying attention! 2007 was way too early for me to care about the Presidential election. Sure, I'd hear snippets and would just shrug and think "When it's an election year, I'll start caring."

The Candidates

Since I'm a Commie Liberal, I'll focus on the Democrats and weigh in on which Republican is less awful. I also know that looking into the candidates' platforms is basically useless since once elected, candidates completely sell out. Oh for a viable third party! Sigh...

Hilary - lowering middle class taxes, affordable/accessible healthcare, ending Iraq War, clean renewable energy, GI Bill for 21st Century, pro-choice, fighting government corruption

Obama - expand hate crimes statutes, middle class tax relief, ensure freedom to unionize, tuition tax credit, invest in clean energy, government ethics reform, ending Iraq War, revise taxes, affordable/accessible healthcare

Joe Biden - plan for Iraq (no immediate pullout, put in place infrastructure that can support a country), affordable/accessible healthcare, tuition tax credit, fuel efficiency, end genocide in Darfur, protect social security, defending Roe v. Wade, fighting breast cancer, worker visa system,

John Edwards - universal healthcare, end Iraq War, energy independence, end genocide in Darfur, equal rights for same sex couples, pro-choice, keep social security

Chris Dodd - end Iraq War, fuel efficiency, national service plan, affordable health care, bankruptcy reform, maintain social security

Mike Gravel - end Iraq War, carbon tax, national sales tax, universal healthcare, support Roe vs. Wade, supports same sex marriage, revamp social security,

Dennis Kucinich - universal non-profit healthcare, strengthen social security, sustainable energy, no NAFTA or WTO participation, supports gay marriage

Bill Richardson - end Iraq War, clean energy nation, affordable health care, combat Darfur genocide, supports domestic partnership, bankruptcy reform

So, most of the platforms are the same. Hell, I cut and pasted a lot! But, I find it interesting that the top 2 candidates, Hilary and Obama, don't discuss same sex marriage on the issues page of their website. I like that Biden and Edwards mention Darfur. Plus, Biden has an actual PLAN for Iraq. It would be fun to have in this pack of clones a candidate who supported the Iraq War and was pro-life just for some variety you know?

On the Dumberer side, as a MA resident I am obligated to say that Romney is pure out and out evil. He's a career politician and sways with the wind. Even though I admire Huckabee's weight loss, he's as clueless as Dubya. We're trying to get away from that kind of "leadership" mmmkay? Giuiliani is an out and out asshole who's milking a national tragedy for all it's worth. But I like how liberal his social policies are.

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