Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holy Smoke

After a month of being a hermit due to pneumonia, I finally felt like having a life this weekend. I finally saw "Juno" (everyone has to see this movie NOW. It kicks ass). Had dinner at Geoffrey's Their martinis are perfect. When I got back to my friend's place, I nearly got a contact high from all the pot smoke seeping up from the downstairs neighbors. The next morning I had a mini tour of Roslindale square starting with breakfast. I had their Hungarian omelet and it gets a thumbs up from this half Hungarian. I also had a food epiphany. After a lifetime of thinking I hated marmalade, it turns out I love it! So, when you turn down a food try to remember if your opinion was formed when you still had your baby teeth. Then we went to the most amazing cheese store. I am this | | close to moving to Roslindale.

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Jeff Cutler said...

Cheese? We went to the South End Formaggio Kitchen and it was delish. Guess we'll have to make it over to Roslindale soon. The place looks good.