Thursday, January 10, 2008

Child of Illusion and Parent of Disillusion

Since nothing is happening in my love life, I have resorted to dreams to get my fill of romance. It's funny how my mind sorts through past loves and concocts scenarios where they declare their true love for me. Once I've run out of past loves as dream contenders, I use a cypherman. He has a body and voice but his face shifts like the agents in "A Scanner Darkly".

Spending yet another holiday season single and speeding towards my mid-30's, has gotten me thinking. I'm not panicked yet. I'm not cynical or bitter about my chance for finding love - yet. It kind of feels like a puzzle, when I click in the final piece it will happen. Right now, I just have the borders and some sky. Online dating isn't for me but it is a good tool to get in the dating zone and out there. I am going to avoid Eharmony since they are insanely expensive and I politically object to their services (they refuse to match homosexual couples). Plus, the ads are very creepy. My best results have come from friends of friends.

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