Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My name is more important than myself

Since I have been writing on this blog for over two years, I thought it was about time to explain the URL and name. The URL is fairly easy. I wanted something didn't incorporate my name (for legal reasons). I am a fan of Futurama and one of my favorite episodes is "Fry and the Slurmfactory" I didn't think my blog should be comparable to worm slime but I liked the highly addictive nature of Slurm. Therefore, I hoped my blog could become highly addictive before the ingredients could be revealed. Bwah ha ha ha!

The blog started out as being named "My Life" which wasn't too inspiring. Around the time I got into Judaism, I started thinking that there could be a Hebrew word that encapsulated my blog's theme/mission. I looked for translations of the word wisdom since that is basically what I'm trying to attain throughout my life. I came across Chokmah A couple aspects appealed to me. That Chokmah corresponds to the right hemisphere of the brain, it is the 22nd prime number and means the potential to be. The right hemisphere of my brain is a damaged mess thanks to my stroke and I was born November 22. It seemed like a word that describes the path I'm on, marrying the intellectual and spiritual with endless possibilities.

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