Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cat Learning Curve

Since this is my first Spring with Rasputin and he's a Mainecoon, I have been basically breathing and swallowing cat hair for weeks. I can't wear anything black because it attracts fur. Not only is he shedding, he's getting these nasty mats. I was doing my biweekly combing the other night when I tried to untangle a nest of mats he had under his legs. Rasputin was not having it. See above. Imagine blood bubbling out of each scratch and not clotting for a while (stupid daily aspirin regimen). I wound up using scissors on the mats (very carefully - a lot of cats get badly cut this way).

After doing some reading about grooming techniques and products, I decided to try again today. I picked up some supplies at Petco and decided that I should groom in a loving, calm manner where Rasputin is happy. So I laid out a towel on the dining room table right by an open window with all my tools and commenced.

This is the Furimator and it is absolutely amazing. Rasputin was purring the entire time I used this on him. I was being very methodical: left side, neck, right side, bottom and Ras seemed to get the gist and rolled on his back so I could get his tummy. Purring away happily and me cooing to him that he's a "Good boy."

When I did find mats, I used this type of letter opener to attack them. It is very efficient and not too painful for the cat. But the furimator got a lot of mini mats out. I ended the fur regimen with a wide toothed comb. I gave him a treat and am pretty darn pleased!

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