Monday, April 28, 2008

So I Left

Today, I decided that I'd rather spend time looking for work than spend time at a temp job that pays me to surf the internet. I went in for half a day and had my realization when my boss asked me to do the same task I did last week. I need this time and the fear to get my butt in gear to rejuvenate my job hunt. My temp agency is pissed that I walked off a job even though I have been telling them for weeks that I wanted to leave and the job was an absolute joke.

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Jeff Cutler said...

You should have stayed for two more days. The rain today and tomorrow is going to be totally heinous.

But W, TH and FR will be perfect job hunt and food on the common and cocktails on Newbury Street joyous days.

I'm locking myself in my house all day today and tomorrow and then breaking out big the last three days of the week.

And TODAY is Blog Comment Day. So go leave a comment on a few of the posts at my sites.