Friday, May 30, 2008

Good Job Everyone and...

... I need to ask one more favor. That third job interview last week where I was 1 of 4 potential candidates lead to me getting a fourth and final interview! Now I am 1 out of 2. I'd like to thank anyone who sent good vibes my way last time and since it seemed to work, could you please send vibes my way this Tuesday at 8AM? I also think getting to the final interview was helped along by personal hand written thank you cards that I mailed out right after my interview. The things that could be awesome about this job are:

- Good industry: stable and growing
- Excellent commute: little 128 madness mostly Pike and 495.
- Excellent salary and benefits: a nice MBA degree salary range
- Supportive company attitude: they are all about learning and innovating.

Again, I am a bit fatalistic. If this is the job the universe wants me to have, I'll get it while trying my darnedest. If I'm not meant for it, I will still work my ass off and not get it. Something else will be down the road for me.

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