Monday, May 05, 2008

How the Recession Hit Home This Weekend

Sure, I've been aware of all the news about the rising cost of everything. I am also tracking the cheapest gas in my area. But it was only when I went grocery shopping that I noticed how out of whack prices are. Usually, I do this trick when I shop - I assume everything in my cart costs about $3 to get a rough idea of how much it will come to at check-out. Um, NOTHING costs $3 anymore! Holy hell, I had to pay $8 for Tide. Not even the huge container, the regular one.

This weekend, I had heating issues and to my layman's eye, it looked like I was out of heating oil. I found out that filling my tank would cost me $900 so I asked for much less. Lo and behold, it wasn't the oil supply it was some doohickey on the burner. So I'm out $400 - argh!

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Lane said...

Blood-sucking losers!! How dare they take advantage of your level-head and lack of HVAC knowledge!!