Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Third Interview!!

Okay, I am incredibly superstitious but I do have my moments where I realize that its stupid. I have a third job interview this Friday morning!! This is the furthest (is this even a word? Farthest looks wrong) I've ever gone in the interview process for the past 6 months. I really like the job and the company is in an excellent industry.

You know what an interview on Friday means, right? Shopping expedition!! I need new shoes, and a good slim briefcase/portfolio case. I happen to know of a Payless right by a Staples - woohoo!

The interview itself is going to be 3 hours long and I will be meeting with several people. Luckily, it is early in the morning so some bleariness and/or confusion wouldn't be a deal breaker. I hope I won't be nervous but if I am, I know I can perform excellently under pressure. Hell, maybe nerves would be a blessing.

Back to superstition, send me good vibes or a word upstairs to help me get this job!!

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