Monday, June 30, 2008

Camping Fun

My first camping weekend went really well! We chose a campground out in western MA - my old stomping grounds from my Umass days. The weather actually wasn't too bad. Saturday was the worst day - high humidity and high temps plus rain at night. Oh, fun fact, sometimes you just need a $12 tent for a weekend camping trip. It is also odd that marshmallows only taste good in smores.

Also, fellow English lit geeks, do you know that Edith Wharton's home, The Mount, will be closing to the public in October? It's all due to lack of funds. So, start writing letters and talking up your millionaire friends! That house is an absolute dream. I had two favorite rooms - the gallery and the dining room. The garden is amazing.

A weird side effect from the camping weekend was that sleeping on a mattress was really tough last night. It actually hurt my back! So, I wound up trying to make my bed more ground-like by taking away pillows. I slept like a baby in my tent all weekend. The months of sleep problems suddenly disappeared. Maybe it was the fresh air, the rhythm of nature, or I was pooped enough?

Next camping trip will hopefully be in September - woohoo!

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