Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Massachusetts, Where Dissent is Never Unpatriotic

Or where our hissy fits turn into national debate. This week is July Fourth. It's a nice holiday to grill meat and drink. But remember what the holiday celebrates and where we live! There's a reason why national networks carry our celebration live to the rest of America. There wouldn't be an America if we hadn't decided to stir the pot hundreds of years ago. We didn't stop stirring up shit ever since. Every town we live in or drive by is stamped by history. We can't forget our revolutionary spirit even while we chow down on burgers and drink Sam Adams.

Also, remember this is 2008 and, dare I say it, this is a year where hope can enter into politics. Change will be on the horizon. It might be possible to vote our heart not pick the lesser of two evils. This is a year of possibility so work your ass off, debate your passions, loosen your purse strings and enact change. Eventually, we'll drag the rest of the country along...

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