Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Memory Contagion

Why is it when you blank on a name/title/author that the people you're with also automatically blank out as well? It's pretty hilarious and happens all the time to me. If you see a group of people saying, "Umm...", snapping their fingers, scratching their heads, and going through the alphabet, I am probably right in the group.

It also seems to be proximity based. For example, a while ago at a party I was talking to a couple and I blanked on a movie name, the couple couldn't remember either. It was driving us nuts throughout our conversation. We couldn't follow each others' trains of thought because in the back of our heads, we were shuffling through movie names we did know. Fed up, we announced our search for the movie name in the next room and completely stopped everyone in the midst of talking. About 3 people knew the title. The universal reaction: "THANK you", hitting your own head and shaking it in disbelief.

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