Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stuff and Updates

I have been pretty busy lately - sorry for neglecting my blog! Anyways, I have a good back-up job gig in case my two upcoming potential jobs don't pan out. I would be a financial analyst consultant. Full bennies, long assignments, and good pay. Again, if the two potentials fall through...

The French Women Don't Get Fat eating plan has been going well. I feel pretty healthy and I am eating a ton more fruits and veggies. So long scurvy! Plus, it has gotten me into cooking more regularly. Since the eating plan has a pretty long name, here is what I will be using in the future: FWDGF.

This weekend I am going camping for the first time in my life. I am excited! The cool thing about camping is that it's pretty cheap and can encompass a wide variety of activities. This time around, I will be learning the ropes. Next time, I'd probably hike or use bird/plant guides for fun. Also, for the budget conscious like me, Ocean State Job Lot has a ton of camping supplies. I stupidly got the rest of the supplies I need at Dick's. Holy sticker shock! Also, why do they put swiss army knives next to the guns? I guess if you throw the cork screw side, it could be a lethal weapon...

The other day, I decided to make a family day. I have 22 cousins and the way it breaks down is that there are different age group bunches. I was the first and after me there were about 6 kids in a row each year or sometimes twice in a year. The middle batch started a couple years later with a new cohort. The final bunch of cousins started with my 15 year old cousin and then 5 more cousins ending at age 8. So, I took my 15 year old cousin out to lunch and we hung out for most of the day. I'm not old enough to be boring and I have a lot of high school memories so we had a lot to talk about. I also know how it is being an oldest and I would have given my left arm to have someone give me some advice/stories about their experiences when I was younger (someone who wasn't a parent of course). It is important to share not only advice on what you should do, you should share screw up stories. I told him how I never studies in high school and that really bit me on the ass in college. For example, I had no idea what a highlighter was for. We also talked about school subjects and I had forgotten how much I loved science classes. So, it was good learning day for me too.

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