Thursday, June 19, 2008

To Sleep, Not to Dream

All my life, I've had trouble sleeping. It started when I hit puberty and seemed to get better in my mid-twenties but now I'm back to the same insomnia issues. I bet I could sleep in my mid-twenties because I was exhausted all the time; working full-time and going to school at night.

In my college years, I tried a glass of wine to calm me down to sleep. Now, I've tried all the varied advice out there. Warm milk, get up and stay up until you're tired, and baths. The last couple of weeks I resorted to medication. I'm a little wary of sleeping pills since they usually work so well for me that I'm useless the next day. Plus, the habit forming side freaks me out. But I found a dissolving tablet that is just pure melatonin. How easy is that? You don't even need to get up and get water. You just roll over, pop a tablet in your mouth, and are out like a light within an hour. Luckily, it doesn't leave me too hazy the next day.

Yet it did become a habit. My night-time routine was watch daily "Without a Trace" episodes on TNT and pop a tablet at some point so I would fall asleep before the episode ended. It's okay not to know the resolution since the show is absolute crap and predictable.

Of course, my sleeping habits will get better once I have a job. BTW, I have 3 prospects in the fire and all of them happened yesterday! Riding that wave of possibility, I was actually able to fall asleep on my own last night. Hopefully, this is a new habit that I can build upon since I have 3 interviews next week.

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