Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Postponement and Oxygen

Well, my big final interview scheduled for today has been postponed indefinitely. I have no idea what the delay is due to (I'm guessing scheduling issues). It was so annoying to get this news. Then again, the annoyance is due to one large assumption: that this could be the end of my job search/unemployment days. If I ignore that assumption, I can shrug the delay off.

It was actually really lucky that my interview wasn't today because HOLY POLLEN! My seasonal allergies have completely wiped me out today. I feel like I can't take a deep breath because I'll wind up with a vicious coughing fit (the same fit that kept me up most of the night). Luckily, Rasputin seems to get the whole allergy lethargy today. He hasn't been bugging me to go out at all, he has just been napping all day. This is why I look forward to rainy weather: low pollen count and lower temperatures.

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