Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Best Beer in the World

I am not usually a huge beer fan. I usually lean toward wine or cocktails. But I had a beer on my camping weekend that totally switched me to a beer lover. When I used to drink beer, I had to be drunk enough so my taste buds were deadened. I hated the aftertaste and the inevitable stomach issues.

The last two times I was in Germany, I understood the love of beer. Over there, beer has no aftertaste and is as smooth as water. Ever since then, I have been trying to find a beer that could be on par with the German beers I had enjoyed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a found a brewery that knocks beer out of the park. I was introduced to the BBC by drinking their Steel Rail Ale. Since then, I have tried their Lost Sailor and Shabadoo. Hands down all of them have been excellent. Plus, it's rare to find a brewery that can brew excellent pale ales to deep porters. I have a lot more BBC brews to test now! Also, they don't come in regular 6 packs. Usually they are pint bottles.

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