Monday, July 14, 2008

God Love Lists

So, I have been feeling glum about my job hunt the past couple of days. I went through my usual routine of dealing with yucky emotions - eating bad food, getting angry at life, and finally talking about the situation. I just love how solutions can suddenly come to me when I talk about a predicament. It could be all of those years of therapy or finally being mature enough to actually listen to what's coming out of my mouth.

This weekend I decided to make a huge list of all my job search activities. Lists are awesome people. Lists are lifesavers and eye-openers. Plus, writing a list feels so therapeutic. I was obsessed with this list all weekend, adding detail and highlighting interviews. Guess what? I felt better!

Lo and behold, I noticed a pattern. I had been solely applying to financial analyst positions and had gotten no job offers. So guess what I'm doing now? Mixing applications up and getting out of the financial analyst box. We'll see if anything pans out. Plus, my guilt over getting unemployment benefits is gone. I HAVE been busting my hump!

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