Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life's Highs and Lows

Today, I am waiting for the results of a month-long job interview process. It could be an offer or a sorry we'll hire someone else. I definitely want the job and would fit in great at the company but I find something interesting emerging as I wait, pray, and hope.

Since, I have been getting nothing but rejections for 3 months, I know exactly how to handle not getting the job. Have a little cry, get angry and then have a couple cocktails. Possibly do a thorough apartment cleaning to work through the disappointment. I am very good getting through low points.

But, if I do get the job, my anxiety will shoot through the roof. I'll want to be perfect at everything that first couple of weeks and get frustrated with the pace I'm learning. It's kind of like when I got into Business School. Throughout the whole application process, I was sure I could handle grad school. But when I got in, all the worries and anxiety hit me at once.

But I must admit at this point, I am willing to tackle the anxiety of a new job! Hell, maybe I can work out new ways to deal? I know I will make sure to celebrate. Stay tuned...

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